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Our approach

Our time-bound interventions focus on building the capacity of internal stakeholders to empower them to take immediate action in their organization.

​We create custom programs and interventions that target the highest yield outcomes in service of dismantling inequities and infusing just and healthy systems. We believe that to achieve just and inclusive outcomes we must employ a just and inclusive process. We do that by inviting the experiences of the individuals at all levels of an organization into the design and creation of the solutions and amplify​ voices of those most impacted by inequities. Our primary tools for initiating meaningful change include consulting on process, offering learning programs, facilitating conversations, as well as coaching.

We partner with organizations to co-create your unique solution by...

  • Gathering specific input from team members to hone in on the most critical subject areas
  • Designing custom content that combines targeted learning and organizational change activities 
  • Establishing a clear pathway to shift diversity, equity, or inclusion outcomes in a high yield area​

All of our co-created solutions include these four elements

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is not solely the work of marginalized. We stand for each individual’s capability to own and cultivate DEI​ work. Further, we believe that the more people who build the capacity to engage effectively across difference the better the outcomes. Our work focuses on removing barriers for people to take empowered action toward sustaining diversity, increasing equity, and generating inclusion. We do that by bridging gaps in knowledge and skill while tapping into the unique point of view that each person has to offer to the conversation.

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Creating a time-bound program allows organizations to capitalize on the momentum generated from the intervention to take immediate action toward a measurable result. Adult learning relies on applying skills for retention. Too often learning initiatives teach great and inspiring concepts that we love in the room and forget as soon as we leave. Our programs combine learning with the immediate application via assignments and exercises that take place within a designated time frame.

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We believe that there is no “right” starting place. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion​ (DEI) work is a journey because inequity and bias permeate our systems, institutions, and interpersonal relationships both consciously and unconsciously. At Hyphens and Spaces, we support you in entering on to that journey at the starting point that is most meaningful for you and your team. By doing so, we believe we are more likely to achieve the greatest net impact which helps build momentum and sustain motivation for the continued work that follows.

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Measurement helps to calibrate action and impact. Taking in feedback from your environment is critical in helping you determine if your work is having the intended impact. We start every engagement by clearly defining the outcomes we seek. Then we collaboratively define how best to measure that change over time. We also operate with a belief in iteration and experimentation. Measurement is a part of the process and doesn’t indicate when you’re done, but rather offers markers of the road you’ve taken.

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