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Part-time Consultant/Strategist

About the Role 

Hyphens and Spaces is expanding our team of thoughtful equity leaders committed to both harm reduction and transformational change in organizations. The consultant/strategist will partner with the Principal Consultant and Lead Consultants to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Thought partnership – consider, propose, and refine new ways to approach DEI topics and/or apply existing concepts in new contexts. 
  • Research – identify, organize, and synthesize DEI literature in both scholarly and layperson databases
  • Client work
    • Collect qualitative data (e.g. interviews and focus groups)
    • Analyze and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data
    • Document review 
    • Audit, Feedback, Assessment, and Recommendations report preparation
    • Facilitate workshops
  • Templating – Assemble templates for workshop materials, email communications, strategy documents, etc. 
  • Content Creation – create worksheets, tip sheets, blog posts, articles, videos, and Social Media content on DEI topics as requested and desired
  • Support in business development (e.g. drafting or reviewing proposals) as necessary
  • Support the translation of strategic direction and business objectives established by clients into holistic I&D strategies.
  • Design agile strategies that will help companies change their DEI culture 

Useful Skills

  • Listening
  • Asking forward-focused questions
  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence
  • Research and synthesis
  • Facilitation
  • Note-taking

About us

We are:

  • Whole People: Our lives are much bigger than our work. We respect that and organize ourselves and work to reflect that.
  • Purposeful: Our work is important and helps us achieve something we want out of life.
  • Accountable: We are accountable to ourselves, our communities, our clients, and each other.
  • Experimental: Constantly focused on testing new approaches and measuring their outcomes towards our common goal of a more just world.
  • Transparent: to help account for power differences we strive to communicate information upfront, request input, and gain informed consent.

Job Type Compensation Details:

Part-time –  between 10 and 20 hours per week

Remote – though we are located in EST

Compensation – $55.00 USD per hour

How to Apply:

Please complete the application by August 25th: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdp1gGEtu4U7XwMFVKwSHC2DNZPva1kDZFJTqGzREoUyKjr8Q/viewform

Yusef Ramelize

Yusef Ramelize

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Hyphens and Spaces

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